Wendy K. Bendoni

            Social Data Culture Researcher |Ethical Data Activist

Wendy K. Bendoni is an Assistant Professor of Marketing in the School of Business at Woodbury University. She is an established consumer cultural and market researcher with three decades of experience. A respected international forecaster, predicting trends in the market for such companies as WGSN and European consumer research correspondent for Bill Glazer & Associates.  She has been featured in publications including Forbes, WWD, Mashable, Huffington Post, LA Business Journal, La Depeche, and Association Française du Marketing. Over the years, Bendoni has successfully projected local and global trends in the lifestyle market and has produced over 300 consumer reports for the industry.


Assistant Professor Bendoni is a Data Ethics Advocate, Data Ethics Trailblazer, and a member of the DataEthics4All Think Tank working on making an impact on ethical data mining and raising awareness of biases data. The DataEthics4All Think Tank will be responsible for Independent Research on the Impact of Unethical Data Use. The committee follows the Ethical Pillars that include: Preserving Data Privacy, Fair Data Processing, Clear Data Ownership, Data Transparency and Trust, Preventing Ad Technology Weaponization and Evolution of Data Ethics in Times of Crisis.

Journée Internationale du Marketing Horloger

The aim of the JIMH is to take stock of some of the original aspects of watchmaking marketing, and to raise awareness of it at the level of know-how. Each year, a specific theme is covered: culture, communication, user, ambassadors, experience, after-sales service, design, etc. Wendy K. Bendoni, assistant professor and chair of both the Marketing and Fashion Marketing departments in the School of Business, was recognized for her research as the top research papers for Jourée International du Marketing Horloger.  “A Luxury Approach to Cognitive Computing & Adaptive Interactive Systems: The Future of Personalization,” which highlights artificial intelligence (AI) and luxury customer service.

American Influencer Council

The American Influencer Council invited Wendy K. Bendoni from Woodbury University’s School of Business Fashion Marketing program to officially become part of their Professional Member Advisors. This is truly an honor to be part of such a necessary council that has been long overdue to assist both brands and influencers. The council’s driving force is an award-winning digital marketer and genius content director, Qianna Smith Bruneteau. The American Influencer Council, Inc. (AIC) is a newly formed not-for-profit invite-only membership trade association. The AIC is led by influencers who are quickly proving to be a significant anchor in the U.S. digital economy. The AIC states that they strive to sustain the integrity and viability of the influencer marketing industry in the U.S., which is projected to reach $15 billion by 2022 according to the founder Qianna Smith Bruneteau.  

Digital Storytelling for Marketers

Digital Storytelling for Marketers was developed by Assistant Professor Wendy K. Bendoni to meet the needs of the evolving digital landscape of marketing.  The course focuses on understanding the role ‘story’ has across the digital landscape from social media to mobile applications. This course will look at emerging digital technologies relevant to storytelling and how they are used as a content marketing tool.  We will explore successful brand campaigns and their adoption of entertainment and gamification in overall marketing strategies. This course will analyze the evolution of digital media and its impact on creating a more engaging brand marketing experience.  In this course, students create a non-linear narrative for brands or retailers to share their stories on digital media.


Social Media For Fashion Marketing: Storytelling In A Digital World

Social Media for Fashion Marketing enables students to explore how social network platforms continue to alter digital communication and have an impact on the marketing strategies employed by the fashion industry. It also crucially equips readers with the know-how to examine current industry trends in social media marketing, such as the impact of new technologies, digital influencers, analytics and SEO on the fashion cycle and on consumer behaviour. This book uniquely explores how social media marketing platforms are utilized and integrated by fashion industry professionals to better understand a brand’s target audience, determine new digital strategies for growth and to create effective new media tools. Readers gain valuable insights through a range of digital marketing case studies and chapter exercises that focus on critical thinking and practical applications. The title also features an impressive wealth of interviews with key industry practitioners, including Daniel Plenge (Marc Jacobs), Aliza Licht (Donna Karan International), Alistair Allan (Burberry), Laura West (Nike) and Andrea Port (Kenneth Cole