The im of the JIMH is to take stock of some of the original aspects of watchmaking marketing, and to raise awareness of it at the level of know-how. Each year, a specific theme is covered: culture, communication, user, ambassadors, experience, after-sales service, design, etc. 

 Wendy K. Bendoni, assistant professor and chair of both the Marketing and Fashion Marketing departments in the School of Business at Woodbury University was recognized for her research as the top research papers for Jourée International du Marketing Horloger.  “A Luxury Approach to Cognitive Computing & Adaptive Interactive Systems: The Future of Personalization,” which highlights artificial intelligence (AI) and luxury customer service. Selected by a scientific committee at the Swiss 21st International Watchmaking Day in La Chaux-de-Fonds, her work will be included in Marketing Horloger: L’ Intelligence Digitale (Watchmaking Marketing: Digital Intelligence), the official journal of the event.  At the ceremony Longines awarded both her Dr. Duma with this honor in La Chaux-de-Fonds in front of both academics and some of the top industry marketers in the field of luxury watches including MB&F, Omega and many more.

 The journal, edited by François Courvoisier and Kalust Zorik, takes stock of the state of digital watchmaking marketing around three key themes: How to go from big data to big intelligence; what are the popular tools, social networks, bloggers and influencers; and how to build tribes and convert them into buyers, fans, addicts and aficionados?

Bendoni’s research explores key insights that will enable independent luxury watch brands to create a more personalized experience amongst their loyal brand patrons through a luxury approach to cognitive computing and adaptive interactive systems which are the future of personalization through Artificial Intelligence. According to her, the Artificial Intelligence movement will continue to change the next generation of affluent consumer’s expectations, and with a continued reliance on smartphone technology, it is inevitable that the future of personalization will require further investigation

Research committee and Kalust Zorik and  François Courvoisier at Haute école de gestion Arc – HEG Arc at Haute école de gestion Arc – HEG Arc

Association Française du Marketing

Le prix de la meilleure communication scientifique de la journée du marketing horloger a été remis à Wendy Bendoni (Woodbury University, California) et Fabio Duma (Zurick University, Suisse) pour leur travail sur les réseaux sociaux et permettant d’identifier les influenceurs du secteur de l’horlogerie.  Leur recherche s’intitule « Digital personas in luxury market segment: Creating a better luxury experience ». Longines a félicité les vainqueurs en leur offrant une de leurs montres emblématiques. Une bonne stratégie pour faire des lauréats des influenceurs sur les réseaux sociaux dédiés à l’horlogerie!

Wendy K. Bendoni presents at the Journée Internationale du Marketing Horloger: 2019

Wendy K. Bendoni, Chair of the Marketing and Fashion Marketing programs in the School of Business, presented in December of 2019 at the Journée Internationale du Marketing Horloger (JIMH), an annual event that focuses on marketing in the luxury watch industry, in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland.

Professor Bendoni’s work was recognized by the council and has been selected twice for publication in the JIMH journal. The JIMH conference focuses closely on the watch industry and raising awareness of new technology. Each year they pay tribute to the luxury watch industry and enable academics and industry business leaders to connect; culture, communication, user, ambassadors, experience, after-sales service, design and more. This year, Professor Bendoni and her research partner, world-renown industry expert, Ariel Adam from aBlogtowatch, shared their report, “The aspiration drive and purchasing behavior of the modern luxury watch consumers.”

(image above) Ariel Adams, Founder of A Blog To Watch & Research Partner to Professor Bendoni


Wendy K. Bendoni, A. Professor, Chair Marketing & Fashion Department,Woodbury University, School of Business, USA

Ariel Adams, Founder / Editor & Chief ,aBlogtoWatch, Digital Media Publication, USA

Kalust Zorik, François Courvoisier, Wendy Bendoni at Haute école de gestion Arc – HEG Arc


Notre nouveau livre de la collection JIMH est paru aux éditions LEP! Cet ouvrage contient les communications présentées en 2019 à Neuchâtel lors de la 14e Journée de recherche en marketing horloger ainsi que les exposés et discussions qui ont eu lieu à la 23e Journée internationale du marketing horloger à La Chaux-de-Fonds. Ce livre fait le point sur les nouvelles approches directes entre la marque horlogère et son client final, souvent « client roi », avec ou sans l’implication de la distribution traditionnelle. Sont notamment développés les nouveaux concepts de distribution comme « omni-channel », « blended-retail », « touchpoints », « phygital » et « A-FLUEN-DOR », grâce auxquels le client peut jouer un rôle actif, à la fois comme ambassadeur, influenceur et même vendeur. Les récents succès de marques comme Alpina, Czapek et Code 41 sont présentés, de même que les nouveaux modèles d’affaires de Meotion et Victoria France.


Our new book from the JIMH collection has been published by LEP editions! This book contains the papers presented in 2019 at Neuchâtel on the 14th Day of Research in Watchmaking Marketing, as well as the presentations and discussions that took place at the 23th International Watch Marketing Day at La Chaux – of-Fund. This book reviews the new direct approaches between the watchmaking brand and its end client, often ′′ king client ′′ with or without the traditional distribution involvement. New distribution concepts such as ′′ omni-channel “, ′′ blended-retail “, ′′ touchpoints “, ′′ phygital ′′ and ′′ A-FLUEN-DOR ′′ are developed, thanks to which the client can play an active role , both as an ambassador, influencer and even a seller. Recent brand successes such as Alpina, Czapek and Code 41 are featured along with the new business models of Meotion and Victoria France.